Have you appeared in court to provide Expert Witness testimony?2018-04-25T17:00:01-04:00

Expert Witness in an Estate Settlement case

In May 2008, I was retained by the counsellor representing the respondents’ side to present an alternative report based on the reduced life expectancy of the applicant due to her smoking habits. In the verdict of this case, Ontario Superior Court Justice The Honourable Mr. Timothy Ray noted in paragraph 62, “His (the applicant’s actuary’s) calculations assumed no reduced mortality for “smoking” on the ground that that factor is not taken into account for pension valuation by actuaries. I do not accept his evidence on that point, and prefer the evidence of Mr. Gupta.

A copy of Justice Ray’s verdict is linked for your reference.

At the beginning of this testimony, the applicant’s counsel accepted me as an expert witness, requiring little time and effort by the respondent’s counsel.

Expert Witness in Loss-of-Income cases

I was retained to provide Expert Witness testimony in Loss-of-Income cases in April 2011, November 2014 and February 2017.

I have successfully completed the National Expert Witness Academy certificate program offered by the Advocates’ Society in 2012 and 2013. This two-day program covered law, procedure, written evidence and court room skills for expert witnesses.

What information do you need to complete a report?2018-05-02T09:47:57-04:00

We have prepared a summary of the documents required for Loss-of-Income and Future-Cost-of-Care reports. You can download these information sheets via the following links:
Information sheet for Loss-of-Income report »
Information sheet for Future-Cost-of-Care report »

How much do your reports cost?2018-04-16T21:20:38-04:00

Please contact us to discuss our service charges and our convenient payment options. For the convenience of law firms, we participate in the Assessment Financing Program offered by Bridge Point Financial Services.

Will you accept payment upon the settlement of the case?2018-04-16T21:20:13-04:00

We are open to negotiating this option.

What is your turnaround time?2018-04-16T21:19:49-04:00

The turnaround time depends upon the case. Normally, we complete our reports within two to three weeks after receiving all of the pertinent documents.

Can you provide sample reports?2018-04-16T21:19:22-04:00

Please contact us in order to receive sample reports for Loss-of-Income, Future-Cost-of-Care, and Income Replacement Benefits.

How familiar are you with the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)?2018-04-25T12:12:05-04:00

Our Principal Actuary has read the SABS many times. For the convenience of our clients, we have prepared succinct summaries of Statutory Accident Benefits:
Summary of SABS Future Care Benefits March 2008
Summary of SABS Future Care Cost Benefits Sep 2010

Who are your clients?2018-04-16T21:17:59-04:00

We have worked for all the prominent personal injury law firms in Kingston and have clients throughout Eastern Ontario.

During mediation meetings, we often need to calculate values for alternate scenarios. Will you be available to help us with quick calculations during mediation meetings?2018-04-16T21:17:37-04:00

Absolutely! The Principal Actuary can easily be contacted for consultation by cell phone or e-mail. If advance notice is provided of any upcoming mediation meetings, he will ensure that he is available that day.

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