Future Cost of Care Reports

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Sample Future Cost of Care Reports

summary and chart - future cost of care reportSummary and Chart

Our reports include a summary chart and a graph to visually illustrate the proportion of various components of your clients’ Future Cost of Care.

Sample Future Cost of Care report from TCL Nov 2017 pg9Each Cost Item is Calculated Separately

To better present FCC costs, each item is calculated separately instead of being lumped together. This indicates to the reader that each item is justified and calculated correctly rather than an arbitrary approximation.

This breakdown is an absolute must for arbitrations where cost items are in contention.

Visually Appealing

Not only do charts and graphs help the reader understand difficult concepts, but they also draw in the reader’s attention.

Our logo, titles and charts are coloured to add understanding and visual appeal for the reader. We print the final, signed copy of our reports on a top-of-the-line colour printer.

Quality Controlled

To make sure that our reports are well written, have a high degree of accuracy and an absence of typos, we pass each report through a 40-point checklist, twice! It is important to us that you receive the report you need and that its accuracy and attention to detail cannot be questioned.