Income Replacement Benefits Reports

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Sample Valuation of Income Replacement Benefits

Two Scenarios in Each Report

Our IRB reports include at least two valuation scenarios with different discount rates. One scenario is based on the discount rates prescribed by the rule 53.09 of Civil Procedure and the second scenario is based on the discount rate derived from the long term Government of Canada bonds. Many times law firms ask us to use a particular discount rate for negotiation purposes.

Detailed Calculations for Up To Age 65 and for After Age 65

Our IRB reports provide detailed calculations from the mediation date to age 65 and from age 65 for the rest of life.

Sample IRB - details before and after age 65

Visually Appealing

Not only do charts and graphs help the reader understand difficult concepts, but they also draw in the reader’s attention. Our reports contain charts highlighting the difference between various discount rates.

Our logo, titles and charts are coloured to add understanding and visual appeal for the reader. We print the final, signed copy of our reports on a top-of-the-line colour printer.

Quality Controlled

To make sure that our reports are well written, have a high degree of accuracy and an absence of typos, we pass each report through a 40-point checklist, twice! It is important to us that you receive the report you need and that its accuracy and attention to detail cannot be questioned.