Loss of Income Report

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Sample loss of income report

Reports Start with Three Summaries:

An overall summary:

Sample Loss of Income report-overall summary

A past losses summary:

Sample Loss of Income report-past loss summary

A future losses summary:

Sample Loss of Income report-future losses summary

Easy to Understand

  • Intuitive and logical layout
  • Income streams are built with fundamental units (rate per hour, hours, weeks, etc.)
  • Clearly labeled headings
  • Meaningful charts and graphs
  • Descriptions for each future scenario are summarized in one chart on one page
  • Each scenario is summarized on one page so that the reader does not have look in multiple places
  • Table of contents makes it easy to navigate the report
  • Necessary, but routine information is presented in the appendices

Impartial Scenario Development

  • After thoroughly reading the provided documents, a list of appropriate questions is provided to the counsel to fully understand the client’s before and after accident income scenarios.
  • Cooperatively develop appropriate and impartial loss scenarios by working directly with the counsel.
  • Comprehensive presentation of loss scenarios in simple language.

Sample Loss of Income report-structureModular Report Structure

Our reports are structured in a logical sequence of modules rather than as long essay-type report. Each module provides complete information about one component of the report, making it easier for the reader to gain a complete understanding of the whole report.

Visually Appealing

visually appealing reportsNot only do charts and graphs help the reader understand difficult concepts, but they also draw in the reader’s attention. Our reports contain charts highlighting the difference between your client’s with and without accident incomes, representing the financial impact of the accident graphically.

Our logo, titles and charts are coloured to add understanding and visual appeal for the reader. We print the final, signed copy of our reports on a top-of-the-line colour printer.

Quality Controlled

To make sure that our reports are well written, have a high degree of accuracy and an absence of typos, we pass each report through a 40-point checklist, twice! It is important to us that you receive the report you need and that its accuracy and attention to detail cannot be questioned.